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At Shikhar, we are dedicated to ensuring that every one of our students achieves success, not only in challenging engineering entrance exams like IIT-JEE but also in their overall lives. To support this mission, Shikhar Coaching Classes have introduced the IIT Foundation Course – Radon. This course is specifically designed for students who are determined to pursue engineering as their career choice.

Early preparation through the Radon course allows students ample time to develop and master concepts, reduce mistakes, and become more familiar with the exam pattern.


Why IIT Foundation?


If a student has decided that he wants to pursue engineering as his career choice then he should not wait for long and start preparing for the pinnacle of competitive exams – JEE (Adv.). In order to do so, he needs a mentor who can give him the right direction in which the student should focus all his efforts. With years of hand on experience, our teachers at Shikhar knows where a student should put more efforts and what are areas that he needs to focus on. There is a gap between basic information containing high school syllabus and discipline-oriented senior secondary classes. In Shikhar, we try to bridge that gap and develop a reasoning ability in the students so that they can easily face the concept-based competitive exams.


Salient features of the course are:


  • Emphasis on the logical reasoning ability development.
  • Development of aptitude level of students.
  • Preparation of fundamental concepts that will help students in senior classes.
  • Focus on calculation speed improvement.
  • Teaching through interactive educational software.
  • Emphasis on problem visualization.

Note: The sole focus of the course will be on laying a foundation for IIT-JEE. In the course, students will be taught subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Students are expected to prepare for school exams by themselves.



1 year



60 Seats


Selection Procedure:

The selection of students in the course will be based on merit in the Radon Entrance Exam conducted by Shikhar Coaching Classes. Only the students who qualify for our entrance exam and meet eligibility criteria will be admitted. Note that we will be forming a single batch and admission to it is purely based on the admission test performance. If a student fails to appear in the exam, he will not be eligible to seek admission in Shikhar.


Entrance Eligibility:

Minimum 70% Marks (or A grade) in Science and Mathematics in Class VIII.


Entrance Test Date:

Last Week of Dec. (off-Line mode only) & First week of April.





           Tution Fee Rs. 46,610
           GST Rs. 8,390
           Total Fee Rs. 55,000




  • Present rate of GST  is 18%, 
  • Any increase in rate of GST Tax during the course period, will be borne by the students.



A/C:                    143805500482        
IFS CODE:         ICIC0001438        



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